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UP Form - Third Party Money Manager Agreement

United Planners requires that you sign a Third Party Money Manager Agreement if we are to invest your account(s) using portfolios at Orion Portfolio Solutions. This form describes what a Third Party Money Manager, like Orion, is, as well as what the responsibilities are for you, Orion, United Planners, and Kilmer & Company regarding this arrangement.

Page 1

  • Specifies you as the client in this agreement.

Page 2

  • A checklist of required forms needed for the transfer of your account(s) to Orion Portfolio Solutions (“Orion”).

Page 3

  • Responsibilities of a Third Party Money Manager (TPMM) like Orion.

Page 4

  • The investments in your accounts that are specified on page 10 are going to be managed by Orion Portfolio Solutions (“Orion”).

Page 5

  • Further clarification on Orion’s responsibilities.

  • UP and Orion will not do anything illegal.

  • UP is not responsible for losses, costs, debt, or liabilities arising from investment decisions made by you or Orion.

  • Orion has the authority to make changes to your investments until they receive written instructions from you telling them otherwise.

  • Checkmark the box provided if you agreed to give Kilmer & Company authorization to make changes to your investments.

  • Please initial here to confirm this authorization.

Page 6

  • Fees which may be incurred by working with Orion.

  • Investment risk disclosures.

Page 7

  • The limits of any liability United Planners and Orion are exposed to as part of this agreement.

  • Your responsibilities as the investor.

Page 8

  • This agreement must be agreed upon by you, Orion, United Planners, and Kilmer & Company.

  • All of this is confidential.

  • All disputes must be filed with arbitration.

Page 9

  • Confirms that Kilmer & Company has provided you with our ADV disclosures.

  • This agreement supersedes all prior or contradictory agreements.

  • UP or Kilmer & Company can modify the agreement as long as they give you 45 days notice.

Page 10

  • These accounts of yours are to be managed by Orion.

Page 11

  • Please sign here if you agree to the terms of the agreement.


This explanation is not comprehensive nor is it meant to replace your actual reading of the document described above. We strongly encourage you to read this document before providing your approval by signing it.