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TDA Form - Orion Advisor Authorizations

In order to stay agile in these uncertain times, advisors and fund managers need to be able to make trades quickly at their discretion without waiting on permission from the client. This form authorizes Orion as a third party money manager to make adjustments within its portfolios to better ward off/manage risk, and also allows Kilmer and Company advisors to make adjustments to maintain a client's risk level on the fly, whenever we deem it necessary.

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By signing this agreement, clients authorize TDA Ameritrade to:

  • Disburse assets to the client's address at the direction of their advisor.
  • Execute trades at the direction of their advisor.
  • Pay fees to their advisor from their accounts.
  • Make IRA Distributions or other ACH wire authorizations.

The client signs at the bottom.


This explanation is not comprehensive nor is it meant to replace your actual reading of the document described above. We strongly encourage you to read this document before providing your approval by signing it.