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Recent World Events

Our world has experienced a wild ride as of late. Below is a list of just a few world events since January of 2020...

December of 2019 - A wildfire destroyed 47 million acres of land in Australia.

January of 2020 – First global pandemic in world history to affect every nation.

February 5 – A U.S. president was nearly impeached.

March of 2020 – One of the fastest stock market crashes in U.S. history.

March of 2020 - Nationwide shortage of toilet paper.

March of 2020 - 25% or more of the world’s population was locked down for the first time in world history.

April of 2020 – The Pentagon publicly acknowledged the existence of extra terrestrials on planet Earth as well as provided military videos allegedly proving this claim.

April of 2020 - Oil prices fell to $0 for the first time in world history.

April of 2020 – U.S. unemployment reached its highest level since the Great Depression[i]

May of 2020 - Murder hornets were found in the U.S. for the first time in history.

June of 2020 - Black Lives Matters protests spread across the nation.

August of 2020 -  A nuclear bomb exploded in Beirut.

August of 2020 - Westcoast fires burned millions of acres of land.

September of 2020 - Nationwide home schooling took place for the first time in U.S. history.

October of 2020 – U.S national debt reached $27 trillion, up from $5.8 trillion in 2000.

November of 2020 - Two presidential contenders each received the highest number of votes in U.S. history.

December of 2020 – Many Americans received government stimulus checks and had their rent forgiven for the first time in their lives.

December of 2020 – Most of the world wore a mask in public for the first time in world history.

January of 2021 - The U.S. House of Congress was invaded for the first time since 1812.

February of 2021 – A polar vortex caused 85% of the U.S. to experience sub-freezing temperatures at the same time. Texas experienced its worst snowstorm in the state’s history.