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Our transition to Orion Portoflio Solutions

If there is any cash which you do not want to be invested...

It will need to be transferred to a bank account of your choice. Should you choose to instead invest this cash, we will have investment portfolios at Orion with a risk level as low as 15 out of 100. A risk level of 0 is hyper conservative and a risk level of 100 is hyper aggressive. Please tell us if there is any cash that you wish to keep before signing the transition paperwork. Otherwise, all cash will be invested once the signed transition paperwork is submitted to Orion.

If there are any specific investments that you do not want to be sold...

We will open a TD Ameritrade brokerage account for you and then place the investment within this account. This will essentially be a holding account upon which we will not charge a management fee since we will not be servicing it in any way. However, we will help you communicate with TD Ameritrade if you ever wish for them to sell your investment. TD Ameritrade will charge your account a nominal trading fee in exchange for this service. Please tell us if there are any investments that you wish to keep before signing the transition paperwork. Otherwise, those investments will be sold once the signed transition paperwork is submitted to Orion.

You sign the paperwork.

This paperwork will allow us to invest your existing TD Ameritrade account (“your account”) into investment portfolios offered by Orion Portfolio Solutions ("Orion"). Your account will remain at TD Ameritrade and will be included in the transition to Schwab in early 2023. You will receive information about the Schwab transition later.

We sell all of the investments in your account.

All of the investments currently in your account will be sold so that your account can be reinvested into an investment portfolio offered by Orion.

If you have a taxable non-IRA account…

The sale of the current investments in your account may generate taxable gains or losses in your account which could affect your 2022 taxable income. Give us a call if you wish for an estimate of these taxable gains or losses.

We reinvest all of your account into a new Orion investment portfolio

After we have sold all of the investments in your account, we will reinvest it into one of our four investment portfolios through Orion. We offer tax aware versions of these four portfolios for non-retirement accounts. Each portfolio will be actively managed to remain within a specific range of risk.

Our current timeline

We intend to link your TD Ameritrade accounts to Orion Portfolio Solutions by January 1st of 2023. Please expect to receive the paperwork sometime before then.