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Orion CCD Addendum

The Orion CCD Addendum acquires personal information about the account owner's financial information so that we can make informed decisions about their investments.

Section 1: Account Owner/Trustee Information

  • Specifies your employment status as well as your household's annual income and approximate net worth. 
  • Describes where the money is coming from the fund this investment account. For most clients, that is their investments.
  • Describes the most likely source of all additional contributions you might make to this investment account in the future. For most clients, that is their savings.

Section 2: Account Co-Owner/Trustee Information

This section asks the same questions as Section 1 except for any person who might co-own this investment account with you.


This explanation is not comprehensive nor is it meant to replace your actual reading of the document described above. You should read the entire document before providing your approval by signing it.